The Year of the Crock Pot (among other things)

So it's 2016 and like most goal setting people, the beginning of the new year means a bunch of goals and resolutions. Over the years, my resolutions have changed and I'll be the first to admit that sometimes I shoot a little higher than what realistically I can change in a year.

So this year, I made a list (lists are my go-to). A list of things/activities/skills I'd like to hold myself accountable to. In many ways, these are things I already do. But, they are things I could do better or more regularly. In true Hailley fashion, I've outfitted my list with hyperlinks and gifs. No one should be surprised.

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[SPECIAL EVENT]: Feminist Pedagogy for Library Instruction

It's been a couple of weeks since my Library Instruction class Skyped with academic librarian Maria T. Accardi. I'm still fangirling and continuing to think about how the work I do is inherently feminist. Maria wrote Feminist Pedagogy for Library Instruction, which for those faithful blog readers, will know that I read this book this summer. So it was nice to reread the book this fall and to have Maria speak to us about the ideas in the book and hear about her own practice of librarianship.  

I've put together some of the tweets from that day, which I'll interweave with some of the main ideas of feminist pedagogy in librarian instruction.  

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Another first day of school

As we introduced ourselves in my memory class on Monday morning, our professor asked us to share a memory. I instantly thought of the first day of school (so fitting). I thought about taking pictures on my front stoop and then standing on the first step of the school bus, looking back at my mom and dad snapping a photo. 

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