Hello spring!

Classes have started and let me tell you, I'm ready.

Granted, I don't have any classes on Tuesdays but that is besides the point! 

2016 is going well. Got some crock pot action going on (a crock pot luck to be exact). 

Plus I'm all organized...(see picture). Finally, all those important articles I've read have a spot to call home (not in a messy pile somewhere in my apartment). And I even have a whole folder for articles to read. I'm on top of it, I promise. 

On deck this spring are three classes and clarinet lessons. Then...I graduate. Holy man, it feels like just the other day I was writing about muffins on my undergrad blog.

Lots has happened since then. 

So huzzah, let's get this semester rolling. I hope to write more posts about library science things (weeding, collection development, supervising, programming, etc) while keeping you up to date on my life and my hyperlink obsession (it's not too bad...yet). 

And with that, I'll leave you with a picture of me and two #rad gals I'm lucky to call some of my closest friends. 

The Year of the Crock Pot (among other things)

So it's 2016 and like most goal setting people, the beginning of the new year means a bunch of goals and resolutions. Over the years, my resolutions have changed and I'll be the first to admit that sometimes I shoot a little higher than what realistically I can change in a year.

So this year, I made a list (lists are my go-to). A list of things/activities/skills I'd like to hold myself accountable to. In many ways, these are things I already do. But, they are things I could do better or more regularly. In true Hailley fashion, I've outfitted my list with hyperlinks and gifs. No one should be surprised.

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