"I got my Masters!" Graduation 2016 Recap

Well team, I did it. I now have a Masters in Library and Information Science. I am currently experiencing a mix of emotions, mostly excited and proud, with a small hint of nervousness for what comes next.

It was a lovely weekend for graduation. My dad came down for the celebration and boy, in true Fargo fashion, we shoved a lot of great stuff together in only a few days. But personally, I wouldn't have it any other way. So a recap, filled with pictures and links. Enjoy!

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Graduate School is Wrapping Up

Hello all! It's been a while so I thought an update post would be in order. I just finished my last semester of graduate school! As I've been telling everyone, it was definitely an anti-climatic finish. My three classes did not have any final projects or big papers -- everything was manageable. Now I have a week off where I'll sleep in a bit, finish up my job at the residence hall libraries, and get ready to graduate. 

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