Being Thankful

For the first time in 24 years, I wasn't in Wisconsin to celebrate Thanksgiving. It was weird and I don't think I quite realized how much it would impact me. I missed the Fargo clan, the homey-ness of my grandparent's home and familiarity with how things go. It's not that I've never missed Fargo celebrations before (I've missed plenty over the past six years) but that I missed one heavily rooted in traditions and memories (like making root beer in the root beer trashcan and playing Euchre even though I'm still hazy on the rules).

Luckily, I didn't have to sit at home alone, missing quaint Mt. Horeb. Instead, I am thankful that my mom's sister and family now live only four hours from me. I'm finally driving distance from a side of my family that I've been so far from most of my life. We had a relaxed Thanksgiving; I spent most of the day in the kitchen, catching up with my aunt, swapping stories, and helping cook. I made my mom's sweet potato recipe and observed the craft of making mashed potatoes (butter, milk, repeat). I'm thankful for their company and their ability to bring me into their fold. 

And I have lots to be thankful for this year. I graduated from grad school, landed an incredible job, moved all the way to Pennsylvania, became closer with my young brother and sister, and had an incredible support system of friends, family, boyfriend, and peers around me. I continue to feel like I'm figuring out how to be an adult and that the life I'm making for myself is one that makes me happy.

I'm thankful for this break too. I woke up today feeling refreshed, not tired and burned out. I forget that we all need a little rest where we read books for fun, watch calligraphy videos on Instagram (and trace the pen strokes in the air), and spend time watching Gilmore Girls and trying out those calligraphy skills. I'm still adjusting to the non-grad school, work all the time, tempo I've been accustomed to. This break recharged me.

Well, conclusions are never my strong suit, so I'm signing off. Time to work on a teaching philosophy and get my bullet journal ready for the next few weeks ;) 

Graduate School is Wrapping Up

Hello all! It's been a while so I thought an update post would be in order. I just finished my last semester of graduate school! As I've been telling everyone, it was definitely an anti-climatic finish. My three classes did not have any final projects or big papers -- everything was manageable. Now I have a week off where I'll sleep in a bit, finish up my job at the residence hall libraries, and get ready to graduate. 

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Two jobs, some undergrads, & some elementary children

For me, this year feels all about putting theory into practice. What I love about grad school (especially this semester) is all the theory I have floating around in my head. I'm constantly challenged and questioned and encouraged. I read every reading because I just never know when a reading will be "the one" aka when things click and my brain whirls around a bit faster. 

And then there's practice. So often we make this divide between those who deal with theory and those who are in the field, practicing. Both experiences are important and when you have a balance of both, they inform each other. Making you a better person and for me, a better librarian. 

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