Mall Musings: Library Assessment Conference 2018

To kick off the beginning of December, I spent almost of week of it in a mall. Granted, that mall was connected to a hotel and a hotel convention center for a conference I was attending, but I did spend a lot of time with recycled mall air and the sounds of people shopping for holiday gifts. I was attending ARL’s Library Assessment Conference down in Houston, TX. A big reason for my attendance was to co-present on a participatory design project I helped with at Penn State (and was a parallel design project with our collaborators at Montana State). I co-presented with Scott Young and it was a great opportunity to talk about our work with Native American and first-generation students at our institutions.

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Revising old advice: dealing with change

Things don’t always go as you planned. For example, you get moved into a cubicle, the conference proposal you submitted didn’t get accepted, you bike to work and then Mother Nature decides to rain, a first date goes better than you expected, you end up having a complicated relationship with Mother’s Day, or the TV show you love gets canceled (only to be picked up by another network).

Change happens, no matter if you’re ready for it or not.

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Long distance sprint, LibParlor, and building up my habit of research: A spring recap

“Once February is over, things will slow down…”

“Once March is over, things will slow down…”

“Once April is over, things will slow down…”

“Once the semester is over, things will slow down…”

During the last few months, this has been my revised mantra. At one point, I believed that mantra to be true, however, the more I said it, the more laughable the phrase was to me. Nothing was slowing down.

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