Graduate School is Wrapping Up

Hello all! It's been a while so I thought an update post would be in order. I just finished my last semester of graduate school! As I've been telling everyone, it was definitely an anti-climatic finish. My three classes did not have any final projects or big papers -- everything was manageable. Now I have a week off where I'll sleep in a bit, finish up my job at the residence hall libraries, and get ready to graduate. 

It is hard to believe that two years have passed since I was in Cedar Rapids, getting ready to graduate from undergrad. Of course I'm excited to be returning to Iowa this weekend to see some of my closest friends graduate and revisit all my old haunts.

Hailley, circa 2014, wearing her favorite jumpsuit.

Hailley, circa 2014, wearing her favorite jumpsuit.

And the close of one adventure means another will soon start. I'm excited to say I have a job and can't wait to formally announce it once all the paperwork is complete. I'm looking forward to a summer in Urbana, teaching digital literacy to elementary students, biking around town, and reading a few books. 

Oh, last week I had the pleasure of attending the University of Illinois National Residence Hall Honorary end-of-the-year banquet. The Blind Date with a Book program from earlier this year won best academic program. It was a pretty special moment for me and I'm so proud of the 10 RAs I worked with who made the program possible.

Looking forward to focusing on my blog with the free time I'll gain with no school work! :)