Back in Business -- the Spring Break catch up

I'm back and man, has April come roaring in. I can't believe that I have under a month of graduate school yet. #TheBigSearch is getting bigger, but I'm optimistic that things could go really well really soon. Yet another year when April is a month of a big decisions.

It's week two after Spring Break and I finally feel like I'm back. Spring Break is great in many ways (lots of sleep, no formal classwork due, etc) but I always feel it takes a while to catch back up and get into the groove you've established since the start of the spring semester.

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#SB2K15 Update

Also I just love using that hashtag whenever I can.  

But Spring Break is going well. Sunday was one of the laziest days I've had in a long time; so lazy we ate brunch around 2 PM and this great spot called Northern Belle in Williamsburg (highly recommend it). I spent all day today wandering the city, going to museums, and catching up with friends. I've thought about school work but not in that all consuming way like I have been the past couple of weeks. 

A break is good. Needed. Appreciated.  

More to come!  


Central Park pano

Central Park pano

Small town magic

I'm sentimental about my hometown. It's probably not the town I'll move back to, settle down in, put down roots sort of thing. But Mt. Horeb is quirky and unique and I'll own it. 

Fun fact: Mt. Horeb is the troll capital of the world. Yes, you read that right. Troll. Aka we have carved wooden trolls that dot our Main Street landscape. This comes from very thick Norwegian roots from the people who settled there first.   

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