Back in Business -- the Spring Break catch up

I'm back and man, has April come roaring in. I can't believe that I have under a month of graduate school yet. #TheBigSearch is getting bigger, but I'm optimistic that things could go really well really soon. Yet another year when April is a month of a big decisions.

It's week two after Spring Break and I finally feel like I'm back. Spring Break is great in many ways (lots of sleep, no formal classwork due, etc) but I always feel it takes a while to catch back up and get into the groove you've established since the start of the spring semester.

I was also traveling during Spring Break. Since I had traveled to NYC last year, this Spring Break trip was up against some tough competition. However, the destination was California, specifically the San Fransisco area. The trip was great, relatively warm (compared to snow in the Midwest), and saw lots of things in a short amount of time. Below is a gallery of some of my favorite photos. Enjoy and be on the lookout for more updates soon!