Hyperlink Roundup -- April 8th

  • The stories we create and the lives we learn about when we inherit someone's old cell phone number. This story really jived with me since I had a similar experience when I moved to the smartphone world. While I never met or spoke to Pamela, getting her calls was a small glimpse into her life, which to me was fascinating.
  • Durham, NC is building a new kind of Silicon Valley. For me, this article is exciting. Not only is the community of Durham supporting the growth of start-ups, their focus is to give space to people traditionally excluded from the start-up field (females and minorities) as well as asking people to create something that makes our lives better (and sometimes that is not a tech solution). I'm excited to see what comes out of this new Silicon-esque Valley.
  • A great TED talk from Reshma Saujani (Girls Who Code founder) talking about teaching girls to be brave. She talks about a lot of cultural expectations and norms that sometimes prevent girls from doing things traditionally considered "boy stuff." As someone who often strives for perfection, this was helpful to hear.
  • Troubleshooting with digital technology (and beet trucks). I like this short essay because it gets at the idea that we all figure out things differently. As a teacher, it's important that I recognize that and also create an environment for students to feel like they have support and are encouraged to problem solve.
  • Lots of companies pulled April Fool's Day pranks. While these PR mavens are upset at companies for them, I see these pranks as a way to showcase some flaws in digital literacy and or informational literacy. Because so many people believed in these spoofs, it shows us that we do trust information we find on the internet pretty blindly. Instead of digging into that information to check its validity, we seem to be quick to agree and (in some cases) freak out about this news.
  • Through a HLS email thread, I offered up my previous experiences with group interviews. The article just got published and my quote even got to end the article.