Hyperlink Roundup -- April 22nd

  • On one of my various drives recently, I learned about Sarah Andersen, an artist/illustrator/cartoonist. She recently published a book called, Adulthood is a Myth, which I definitely need to get my hands on. I also learned about her through this podcast from Real Simple (it's a good interview). 
  • The history of how emojis came to be. I'm a big emoji user so I like to know more about how they came to be. And this story is cute and adorable (bonus points).
  • From the MLA Committee on Technology, this blog post is about the scholarship of Twitter. I know that people have lots of opinions on Twitter, but I find it fascinating and a culture of its own. There is scholarship on Twitter and I'm glad this blog post is recognizing that.
  • Minecraft is sweeping the world in its popularity and this article does a nice overview of how it can to be and why it's important to kids today. Personally, I'm more of a Roblox gal, but I think both these games are helpful when thinking about digital literacy, technology, and working with kids.