Life update in a series of tweets

I'm two weeks into the fall semester and already it's been crazy. Between meetings and having three classes in two days, I sometimes wonder how it will all get done (because it always does). I'm still in the middle of figuring out a routine, but can't wait until my calendar looks pretty similar from week to week. 

To catch you up on my life, I include below a series of tweets that hopefully shed some insight into my life at the moment. Enjoy! 

I love my job at the residence hall libraries. My favorite part so far has been getting to know the undergrads I supervise as well as the students who use our libraries. I also was angry that Microsoft Office didn't let me attach gifs in my emails, so I have a brief Twitter spree where I include many gifs. 

Highly favorited tweet. 

No. One. Should. Be. Surprised. And the seven meetings were back to back. 

See previous post for more insight on my obsession with to-do lists. 

I'm thinking a lot about feminism, memory, and helping others learn this semester. Stay tuned for more insights from my readings (or quotes I find comical like the one posted above). 

True story. The cat's stage name is Uggles and is honestly one of the greatest cats I have ever met. 

I love everything about this movie. I saw it a few years back in New York City during the four months I lived there. The movie stuck with me and when I saw that one of my libraries had a copy, I had to rewatch it. I could say a bunch about the film, but I'll let a younger version of myself fangirl this film, over a blog that I briefly dabbled on.