These are a few of my favorite things: to-do lists

There's one week until school starts and I am already a little overwhelmed. 

But I brought this upon myself so I shouldn't complain...too much. 

However, I do have something that keeps me in line: to-do lists. They are INCREDIBLE. You can find my to-do lists scattered across my apartment, hung up on my walls (especially the super successful ones), and in whatever bag I am carrying around with me that day. 

The to-do list front and center (and it even has things checked off).

The to-do list front and center (and it even has things checked off).

I'm usually a write a giant list (complete with easy ones, like clean dishes, take a shower, send an email) to keep the momentum going. There's something so incredibly satisfactory about crossing something off a list. In times of dire stress, I will sometimes do the reserve to-do list, which turns into a "I accomplished this thing" list, which is helpful when you have so much to do, it's overwhelming to write it all down in one fell swoop. 

The funny thing is that I rarely finish a to-do list. By the time I'm down to the bottom scraps of a list, I've already begun a new one, bringing over the old stuff I hadn't gotten to yet. A never-ending cycle of things to keep me busy.

Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.

And with that, I cross another thing off my current list.