Library Land and Bikes

Another Friday, another update. This week was surprisingly way less stressful. I think the tide of overwhelming things to do has settled down. The end of the semester is near but feels more manageable. Thank goodness. My summer job has been lined up (working with kids at a summer camp in Peoria) and spring is here so I can ride my bike ALL THE TIME.   

Additionally, I published another blog post on the YALSA blog about a potential programming plan. The YALSA blog doesn't get a lot of comments, but I'm hoping since I'm a grad students, some librarians in the field will give me so feedback! 

And I have to keep reminding myself that while I'm not "productive" in the sense of accomplishing school related items, I'm still getting stuff done. Like I cleaned and vacuumed my apartment (all things that needed to get done) or sent some emails to friends I hadn't caught up with in a while. 

Big project this weekend is really to nail out some of my independent study. I've recorded so many good interviews yet still need to connect their words to theory. Should be a task I'm up for!