Podcast Central

Recently, I've been finding podcasts to be really relaxing and entertaining. I've been lucky to find and have been recommended some great all female podcasts. It's great to see interesting, powerful, and confident women working their way into a mostly male dominated field. It seems that each episode I listen to gives me a lot to think about and lots of world wide web links to follow after the fact. What's great about many of these podcasts below are that you can literally just jump into the most recent episode and back track if you fall in love with the hosts (and what they talk about). 

Here's a list of what I've been listening to if you're interested in getting into the podcast life (I highly recommend it).

  • Call Your Girlfriend: Hosted by (wonder women) Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow (produced by Gina Delvac) this is a podcast for "long distance besties." Their episodes come out every other week and talk about anything you could possibly imagine: feminism, pop culture, politics, Beyonce, Kanye, racism, Shine theory, current events, and even menstruation news. What makes this podcast even greater is that Friedman and Sow are such good friends and the podcast conversation feels natural (and also super inspirational and relatable).   
  • Death, Sex, and Money: Hosted by Anna Sale and produced by WNYC, this podcast talks about big topics and hard questions/choices that are often pushed aside in polite conversation. The episodes I've listened to so far have given me a lot to think about. What I enjoy about this podcast is the care Sale puts into telling someone's story.
  • Spark: A Canadian podcast produced by CBC and hosted by Nora Young. This one is more technology focused, each episode covering current trends and ideas in the tech field. Young does a nice job of breaking the hour down into several intriguing stories and her links often direct me to websites I wouldn't not have found on my own. 
  • Invisbilia: In Latin, invisbilia means "all the invisible things" so it makes sense for this podcast to focus on those invisible forces that control our every day behavior. Hosted by Lulu Miller and Alix Spiegel (and produced by NPR), this podcast is another neat one to listen to and more critically think about what is surrounding us and how our behaviors are shaped. 
  • She Does: Hosted by Elaine Sheldon and Sarah Ginsburg, this podcast focuses on women being a #boss and making their mark in media. I listened to their interview with Anna Sale, which is how I got into Death, Sex, and Money. Sheldon and Ginsburg do a stellar job of really looking at the histories of the various women they interview to better understand how these women got to where they are today. 
  • The Moth: "True stories told live." This podcast builds off the live Moth story telling events. At the live events, a topic or major idea is put forth and people come up to the stage to tell their story. Never has an hour gone by so fast. Really good for me to get inspired to write and to tell my own story. 
  • Tiny Desk Concerts (audio): I still remember listening to the Tiny Desk concert of Macklemore I had seen my brother post on Facebook and thinking, "WHY HAVE I NOT LISTENED TO MORE TINY DESKS BEFORE?" What I love about the audio version is that it's short (less than 20 minutes) and helps to break up the hour long podcasts I'm use to listening to. Additionally, I love how NPR lets you download the audio track from each Tiny Desk Concert (I still get chills when I listen to The 1975 perform).   

All of these podcasts can be subscribed to, either via their website or from the Podcast app on any Apple device. Let me know what podcasts you're listening to; I feel like there can always be time for another podcast!