The BIG Search

In about six months, I'll walk across a stage and receive my masters in library and information science degree. It's sort of crazy to think my time in school will be done (for now).

So with a degree just down the road the inevitable next question is...what's next Hailley? 

Glad you asked.

It's time for the BIG SEARCH (props to Dylan for emphasizing the gravity of this title. I hope we can get it trending on Twitter)

For me, it will be the first large, major search I've conducted. Sure, I've search and applied for jobs before (from applying to undergrad and graduate school to jobs at both places) but this seems 

Maybe not final (because whatever job I end up taking does not mean I have to be there for the next 30 years of my life. If that happens, more power to me but not a requirement) but a job that will be more long term than any other job in my life at the moment. 

So it feels like a big deal. 

In preparation of this search (and the long hours that will be involved), I've started a couple of things...

  1. Headshot (see left). Looks pretty snazzy. Taking photos isn't always my strong suit but I'm okay with this photograph. I do love the lighting. 
  2. Resume. I've updated both my resume page on this website, along with sort of my blanket resume. Once I actually start applying to jobs, I'll tweak my resume to better fit the job. 
  3. Looking into job postings. I'm looking at all sorts of jobs, jobs that I might apply for and jobs I might not apply for. But just to get a feel for what people are looking for (and how I might position myself next semester to nab any final experiences). 
  4. Pep talks. Aka, "You can do this Hailley." Internal pep talks seem to be necessary in the BIG search. 
  5. Finding people who are in the same BIG search boat. Solidarity is important in this whole search process. 

Stay tuned. I'm ready (I think) and #jazzed. Let the BIG search begin.