Learning Outcomes, Google Searching, and Instruction

This past fall, I took Instruction. Honestly, I think it's the class where I was so directly take what I learned in the classroom right out into my job. I feel so much more confident now in my teaching. My instructor taught me the importance of taking care to plan and really think about what I want to happen during instruction. I think helps to eliminate the "I'll just throw it together" mindset I use to have. 

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Collaboration Nation

About a week ago, an amazing program happened in one of the libraries I supervise. This program also won the award (in my books) for largest collaboration. I had 10 resident assistants (RAs) helping to plan and run the program (remember, these are undergrads). Wow. Since I'm pretty proud, I figured I would share this story with you. 

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Building a community, one lunch at a time

So I'm in the middle of preparing two libraries for the school year. They are residence hall libraries, allowing them to be this amazing mix of popular (and current) fiction and nonfiction, the newest movies, TV shows, CDs, and magazines. We also have some great resources, like GRE study books and special collections for our various living learning communities. 

As I frantically organized, clean, and prepare, I'm faced with the (somewhat daunting) task of serving the students that live in these halls. As someone who went to a small liberal arts college, the sheer size of the these residence halls intimidates me. 

So. Many. Students.

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