Hyperlink Roundup -- August 6th

  • The ever present tension between school libraries and the rise of makerspaces (especially when someone is hired in that position without a MLIS).
  • With my new job, I'm finding a bit more time to read. I've already starting collecting lists for future public library trips.
  • Rikers Island is getting a NYPL branch library. As someone who worked with the Correctional Services during my internship, it's exciting to see this progress!
  • An article on writing a memoir and how often they are tied to the idea of marriage. My favorite quote in the article: As someone who has written both a novel and a memoir, I can say that a major difference between the two is that with fiction, the challenge is figuring out what messy situations to inflict on the imaginary people who live in your head; with memoir, it’s wresting meaning and order from whatever bad hand you’ve already been dealt.
  • I also stumbled across an article about memoirs written by young people. It's not very long but it's pretty good.
  • This article on student anxiety when using the library is important to keep in mind as we head towards the new school year. There are many reasons students might not be asking questions at a desk and this gets at a couple obstacles.