What's Cooking? [Week Three]

I usually don't like to have two series posts back to back, but I'm crafting a post on adulthood and more Pennsylvania adventures, so get jazzed about those later this week.

And I have been cooking, so I'm keeping my promise about blogging about the experience and showing off my semi-improved chef skills!

The chicken curry from last week lasted all week, which was excellent for this Leftovers Queen. But I was ready for a non-chicken dish this week. I chose a recipe from Seriously Delish. It was a lemon, garlic, and asparagus spring pasta skillet. I love asparagus and hadn't had any in a while. From my other cooking adventures, I seemed to have the other ingredients so this recipe seemed like a no brainer. 

Now some of my skills have improved, like having a better idea of how to manage so many moving pieces. I try to cut things up before turning on a burner. It helps that when I make the meals on the weekends, I don't have anywhere else to be. I can turn on an episode of something or listen to some dance music and just take my time. This also prevents me from snacking so I can enjoy the WHOLE meal when it's all been cooked.

The pasta skillet.

The pasta skillet.

Some of my skills are still lacking. My knife skills for one. I don't seem to get any better but still manage to cut everything up so that counts right? I sure hope so. I figure that as long as I can eat it without choking then I've done my job?

The final product...pretty tasty. It definitely different from the casserole and chicken dishes I've prepared in PA so far, but it was a nice departure. The asparagus are a tasty addition and the noodles are just firm enough but still soft.

For a dessert, I made another batch of the whole wheat dark chocolate chip muffins. They are great to snack on and easy to make so it was hard to resist making them again. I hope to get to my infamous oatmeal chocolate chip cranberry cookies next week!

As a special feature, I'm also showing off my oatmeal process in this week's What's Cooking. Let me quickly explain. Since 2013, one of my best friends Millie and I began an intense love for oatmeal. This means we ate it every day during the summer we lived together and then continued to eat it long after our roommate days were over. While I took a brief hiatus from this delicious breakfast dish this summer, I have triumphantly returned and AM NOT BACKING DOWN FROM OATMEAL.

For me, a perfect bowl of oatmeal consists of peanut butter, raisins, sliced almonds, a handful of granola, a chopped banana, a couple of raspberries (if they are in season), and a splash of almond milk. It's delicious and fulfilling, lasting me until lunchtime. Enjoy this time lapse creation!