Hyperlink Rounup -- June 10th

  • I'm pretty jazzed that Lifetime's Unreal TV show FINALLY came back for season two. I binged season one in a matter of two days. It's a show about a pretend Bachelor type show called "Everlasting." But the show focuses on the behind the scenes of a love reality show and all the ways story telling is built up and manipulated to gain audience attention. The Vulture had a great article on why pairing the two shows (the fake one, Unreal, with the "real" one, Bachelor/Bachelorette) is a good idea.
  • "It is healthy to acknowledge you fail. It is toxic to believe you are a failure." A good article by Melissa Harris-Perry on failure. A much needed read.
  • Some great animated gifs, and you know that I'm all about those gifs.
  • A dinosaur emoji!? Yes. PLEASE.