Hyperlink Roundup -- May 31st

  • The "digital divide" in Detroit -- also known as the bigger problem of computer access at public libraries, expensive broadband rates, and the employment process moving completely online.
  • I stumbled on a great blog about instructional design and technology in libraries (heck yes!). This particular post talks about the three I's of information literacy: integration, inquiry, and interaction. It's a great post, especially for someone like me who is fascinated and wants to teach students about information literacy.
  • Tinder's in-house sociologist who helps make the app better for the people using it. Just like the sociologist, I am fascinated with how Tinder works and how online dating is shaping relationships today. I had my adventures with Tinder and so I'm always curious to read articles about the app.
  • An article on company culture. I've been thinking about this quite a bit as I reflect on the various work cultures I've been in and the new one I will enter in July. A company culture can make or break your experience so I was curious to hear what this article had to add to the conversation.
  • A good article to think about as I start a job in July. From the Digital Pedagogy Lab, this article looks at disabilities and how we often don't take disabilities into the conversation and how that hurts students. While there is not one way that would work the best for everyone, taking into consideration all the obstacles students have is an important part of instruction.