Hyperlink Roundup -- May 20th

  • Took part somewhat spontaneously in a #critlib chat this week on visual literacy. I love #critlib chats and the ability for Twitter to serve as the medium for talking about ideas and connecting with other librarians. However, I'm pretty bad at remembering when chats are happening so I usually just sort of jump in if I'm on Twitter at the right time and see if happening.
  • I'm a big fan of Retta (you know her as Donna from Parks and Rec's fame) and not only does she have a great Twitter feed, she also is a huge hockey fan (LA Kings to be exact).
  • More emojis articles: about how emojis and emoji keyboards are part of a broader marketing trend and more emoji history/can it be considered a language?
  • I got to spend some time in Peoria this past week and met so many amazing people doing great things for that community. Startup Peoria is pretty awesome and we had a meeting at The Nest, which I could see myself doing lots of work there if I lived in that area and had a startup to work on. 
  • With classes over and diploma in hand, I spent the week catching up on The Mindy Project. If you haven't seen the new season on Hulu, you should definitely do it. It's great!