Residence Hall Library Supervisor Training: Day One

Summer feels like it is over since I started training yesterday for my new assistantship this fall. As I mentioned in a previous post, I started working in the Residence Hall Library this summer. But yesterday, my formal official supervisor training started. 

I. Am. So. Excited.

It's nice to be with other GSLIS students, getting ready for the new school year. And honestly, I'm excited to work with undergrads again. Yes, I know I am not that far from undergrad myself, but I enjoy working with that age range. It reminds me of working in Coe's Writing Center, passing on advice from my point of view and encouraging others to be their best and know that others are supporting them. In many ways I am slowly integrating myself into the undergrad experience, a place I've always found a home in (through Admissions & the First-Year Experience). 

Also, the supervisors (there are four of us) planning some SWEET videos. They involve a smoking jacket, a fancy chair, and some book recommendations. Stay tuned.