Let Camp Clover BEGIN!

So I've spent a large majority of my work time since May helping to plan a week long digital literacy camp. Now the week is here and it's GO TIME.

Gahhh. Anxious, per usual. You know, that feeling that you want everything to go well, that you've done everything in your control to get ready, and now you just have to wait. You can't imagine what the kids will be like or what they will like to do. That you will just have to do on the fly. So I'm sitting here in Peoria, running through the lesson plans, practicing how I might introduce myself, trying to anticipate every thing that could go right (or wrong). 

I should probably go read a book and go to bed...early. 

But I'm excited. This is something we've spent a lot of time on and it will be great to see how it all turns out. Follow me here for daily updates on the Community Explorers (8-12 year olds) and then over at the YALSA blog for daily teen camp reflections. Should be a digital literacy, blogging, and fun-filled week!