Hyperlink Roundup -- June 20th

More links and videos since I haven't been doing my best with hyperlinks! 

  • I just finished reading Ann Patchett's collection of essays called This is the Story of Happy MarriageI won't give away too much, because I have far too many thoughts on the wonders of Patchett to include them in this brief hyperlink roundup. This is one of the videos she mentions in an essay; when she ended up on the Colbert Report to praise the independent bookstore (including the one she helped to co-found). 
  • I'm in the midsts of planning a camp for 8-12 year olds (more on that later). We are trying to do some video work and I run into the problem of no company making a nice, portable, easy to use video camera. There's this assumption that EVERYONE has cell phones and that the video footage from these phones outranks the need to make a Flip camera or Sony Bloggie. In my rage, I stumbled across an article from the New York Times where the author also shares their sadness at the Flip camera disappearing from the market. It's a little outdated, but still rings true. 
  • This past week I attended a social media conference at University of Illinois. It was really great, and you can read a little about some of the presentations that were given at their website. Additionally, if you hop onto Twitter, look for #ILLINOISsmc for more tweets (including ones from me). When an opportunity presents itself for me to live tweet, you better believe I'm not turning it down! 
  • Last night I went to the Art Theater in downtown Champaign and saw Hitchcock's Rear Window. I will admit, I hadn't seen it before but it was very good. The scene above is the opening shot and if you haven't seen it, you can get a feel for how the camera action will be for the rest of the movie. I hadn't seen a movie in theaters in AGES, so it was nice to be back in the seats. I also remembered I'm a pretty active movie watcher so that was exciting. 
  • Additionally, saw that this film, Earl and the Dying Girl will be playing at the Art Theater soon. I MUST SEE THIS FILM. That is all. 
  • Through the social media conference found the website Canva. Aka Photoshop for the everyday person. Will spend far too much time on here very soon. 
  • Through my job at the Residence Hall Libraries, I found out from my boss that during the 1900s, the University decided to import squirrels. The whole story can be found on the University's Archives. This story is too golden to pass up. And now I look at the squirrels a little different :) 

That's a start. As I start some work (I know, work on the weekend, who am I?) I'll find all the gems that I've got hidden in the hundreds of tabs I currently have open on my computer(s).