I Think I Want a Cat...???

Not to stereotype my profession of librarians, but there seems to be a majority of us who love cats. We could probably have a day devoted to bringing our cats to school (and then heavily clean for all those with cat allergies).

And now I might be a cat lover too.

I had never been a big pet person. We didn't really have a pet growing up and with our busy schedules, there didn't seem to be time to have one. I have sat firmly on the neutral fence post when the debate of cat vs. dog occurred in friendly conversation. But recently, I have felt myself straying. For better or for worst.  

It just might be my proximity to many cats. Many of my friends have gotten cats as a post-undergrad gift to themselves. These cats are Instagram famous to me. However, I seem to be partial to one cat, the infamous Uggles the cat. 

See? This is a great cat. The Undergraduate Library (fondly known as the UGL) made this video for April Fools Day. I think it's great. The students who made the film were in my Media Literacy class. We had many great conversations about the video and Uggles. And low and behold, the cat (whose real name is Carver) belonged to one of my librarian peers. I was able to fangirl this cat to the girl who owned said cat.


So I was extra excited to find out Uggles was making an appearance at the UGL during Finals Week. I got to the UGL early...

And I did get to see Uggles. She was adorable and we snagged a few good pictures. 

So maybe I'm a cat person now? A tweet from the same day gives you a little more insight

While my decision is still unclear, what I do know is that I'm young and craving a companion. I've got friends but what I'm missing is someone to come home to. Perhaps I'll follow in the footsteps of my friends, obtaining some sort of pet. Or maybe I'll wait until I'm a little older, a little more settled, a little more (financially) secure. But I do feel that I will have a pet someday. And it's still up in the air if it will be a cat or a dog (although I'm learning cat currently).