May 1st Library Land Update

Hello team! I'm back. It's currently GORGEOUS outside and I'm trying to get a little work done so I can lounge outside and read before heading to work later this afternoon. 

Here's what you should know: finals are almost here. I have two class periods left, well one class and one class/barbecue and then classes for the semester are done. And then all I'll have left is one paper, one presentation, and one annotated bibliography. I'm hoping to knock out the paper and annotated bib this weekend and get a head start on the presentation. Next weekend is Coe's graduation so I want to return to Cedar Rapids feeling pretty much stress and final free. 

Today was also my first team meeting with the new group of people I'll be working with this summer. They're a fun bunch and I knew of several of them so it's nice to make those formal introductions. What's exciting about this summer job is that we're building off all the hard work, reflection, field notes, and research we've done this year. We're taking those skills, teaching others, and doing a somewhat similar program with kids in Illinois (specifically Peoria). This job allows me to continue to work with the kids at UNCC and also to continue the research I've invested so much time in (and research I'm so passionate about). 

Another fun fact, speaking of research, my boss and I got our paper accepted to the 2015 Prato/CIRN (Community Informatics Research Network) conference. Italy here I come! Well, not until November but still, soon. 

I think I've reached my cap of being cooped up inside. To the great green grass I go! Happy Friday!!