Weekly Update

Still working on a catchy title. Haha. It was a busy week, my calendar was not kind to me. I'm thrilled that it's Friday yet am feeling a tad overwhelmed at my weekend prospect. But it's April, a month of far too much rain and a rapid speed up in the academic world as we head towards finals. Here are some highlights: 

  • Last Friday, my assistantship presented our poster at the GSLIS Research Symposium. The symposium took the whole afternoon, filled with many posters, two hours of talks by faculty and PhD students on their research, and yummy snacks. Our poster session went really well and we even managed to snag a picture of the ladies and the poster (from L to R: Kim, [the poster], me, and Sarah). It was awesome to share our work this past year to a new group of people (I'm use my friends have heard PLENTY about my job so far). 
  • A bunch of us librarians had an Easter potluck brunch on Sunday. It was an excuse to dress up, make some jello jigglers, and hang out with my friends. Don't we look snazzy? We were all a little stressed because the brunch didn't stretch out the entire day. We came, we feasted, we talked, and we ran back home to do homework.   
  • It was Grad Student Appreciation Week which meant there were sweet goodies in the student lounge on Tuesday and free pizza for lunch on Thursday. I felt very appreciated! 
  • Did lots of fun stuff on Twitter, but I'll save that for my next blog post that's all about Twitter. 
  • Went to a lot of meetings, talked about a lot of interesting things, and am still trying to wrap my mind around everything. Definitely a good week of relationship building. One of the most exciting meetings was having the opportunity to sit in on GSLIS's curriculum committee meeting. I helped sponsor a student-only event called GSLIS Speaks where students had an open forum to discuss their positives and negatives of being in the program. Myself and the other organizers of the group collected our peers' responses and put it into a report. While we'll be talking to all of the faculty next Wednesday, we had a smaller document for the curriculum committee based on curriculum issues we had brought forward. It was like being back at Coe in those good old FYE (First Year Experience) meetings. I love being a student who gets the chance to look into the other side of our education.    
  • Discussed the option of going for my PhD (!!). Both exciting and terrifying.