Flying straight into…a window: A story about technology

Around six months ago, I submitted a few proposals looking for funding for a new piece of technology. Bird, by MUV Interactive, was something a colleague of mine had suggested. Essentially, it’s a piece of tech that perches on your finger and allows you to manipulate digital content collaboratively and at a distance. Some have called it a “fancy mouse” (but that’s your decision to decide).  

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The good, the bad, and the mispelling: a reflection on a week of teaching

This past week, I taught eight instruction sessions and assisted in two more. In the grand scheme of things, this was the most I had taught in a week, but I know I’m not winning any award for most one-shot sessions in a week. Some reflections, thoughts, and stories from the week.

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ACRL Immersion 2017: A Librarian Summer Camp

Some of my best summer memories are when I went to some sort of camp. I’ll never forget Badger Girls State, summers at Whitewater learning volleyball, and wandering the UW Madison campus during College for Kids. This past week I get to add another camp to my list: ACRL Immersion.

This isn’t your typical summer camp. It’s technically a library teaching workshop, but we fondly called it librarian summer camp. The program helps us reflect on our teaching process, dig into some theory and our own assumptions, and ultimately, put it all together to take back to our home institutions. I was hyped.

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