Pennsylvania Adventures...Continued

oday at work I went on a campus tour. I met a lovely junior Penn State student, studying nutrition. She was from the area and had a passion for her school that I notice is a trend at Penn State. When I told a co-worker I had gone on a tour, they responded that they hadn't thought of doing that. They have worked at Penn State but know a lot of the same places (such as the stadium, the creamery, the HUB [Student Union], and Old Main).

This sort of stuff is why I am into community engagement. For me, I can't see myself being an effective librarian for undergrads if I don't at least try to get on their level. To see their school from their perspective. Now granted, this topic is enough for a blog post on its own...

But this idea of not exploring more than the library walls is an idea that can be applied to State College as a whole.

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