A New Blogging Adventure!

Hey team! Good news! 

So there's this awesome library science blog, called Hack Library School. Its name gives away the goal of the blog...how would you hack library school? 

Essentially it's an online place where librarians, and more specifically, librarians in training can come to be part of discussions about the field of LIS. It's a blog that's not afraid to talk about tough issues with grace and finesse. One of my all time favorite articles about librarianship is from Hack Library School: big tent librarianship. 

And that’s what library school is. It brings together people who have a belief in the power of information, and gives us the tools and the ideas to do something concrete with that belief. How we choose to do it may look very different in the end, but that passion for information is a thread that unites us.
— Britt Foster

So needless to say, this blog is an exciting place to be. When they sent out a call for new writers, I jumped at the chance (because you know me, can't turn down an opportunity to blog).

I got a spot! They even made a post to celebrate the new writers!  

So this year I'll be blogging here, doing librarian stuff in Illinois, blogging for YALSA, and now...blogging for Hack Library School. I've got a post coming up on August 24th and I might already have some ideas (woot!). 

I'm excited about this opportunity because not only do I get to write, but I get to continue to connect with other librarians across the United States. Who could ask for something better than that?

Stay tuned! 

P.S. Lots of Camp Clover recaps and a new series...Things I've Learned From Small Children coming soon!