A spring portfolio

Spring goals

The spring semester ended this past week. In true fashion, it was sprint until the end and a few reference conversations to finish off my first academic year at Penn State. I definitely dragged this last week but am feeling more refreshed with my weekend ahead of me.

While I might not get syllabi or have final exams to take, I still make my own sort of syllabus or semester goals. You can see my spring ones on the left. As the semester goes on, I get to highlight the ones I finish. It's a good way to remember what projects I have on my radar and keep track of my work. Since I'll be making a new summer goal list, I figured it would be good to highlight some of my spring accomplishments. My own sort of end of semester portfolio.

  • Attendance at three conferences: ALA Midwinter, The Collective, and ACRL. I got some great opportunities to travel, catch up with grad school peers, and make new library connections.
  • My application was accepted to attend Immersion 2017 at the end of July. I'll be headed to Vermont to talk about teaching and the ACRL Framework. Many people have told me the impact Immersion had on their careers so needless to say, I'm excited to follow in those footsteps.
  • Was able to present on two separate occasions to students at the University of Illinois iSchool. The first was a short presentation to discuss my LibGuide on the 2016 Election. The second presentation was longer (1 hour) and focused on my theory of librarianship.
  • Co-presented a webinar through RUSA on situated learning. Preparing for this webinar allowed me to learn more about situated learning and think about the ways in which this idea is influencing how I think about reference and train others on reference skills.
  • Help to plan and host our second International Write-In. The event this semester was wildly successful, bringing in 71 writers and creating some fantastic graduate school connections.
  • Was just approved funding to pilot and research the impact of an emerging technology, Bird, that could impact the ways our students work together on digital products and manipulate context on a screen (research will begin [IRB approval needed of course] in September).
  • In the copy editing stage of a paper for Pennsylvania Library Association Research and Practice Journal. This paper discusses my first semester at Penn State and the reference conversations I had (and why I think I was successful in the fall). The journal should be published mid-May and I'm jazzed to see my name in (digital) print!
  • Rejoined the YALSA blogging team (expect my first post on Monday, May 8th). I'll be exploring the intersections between YALSA and academic librarianship and I couldn't be more excited to get my blogging back on track.

In true Hailley fashion, it might be summer but I'll have plenty to work on. Currently on the agenda is creating some reference training with learning outcomes, lots of outreach, some planning for fall events, learning how to use Bootstrap in LibGuides, writing up some IRBs, and hopefully some more writing for publication. Wooooot.