2016 Recap or the year I graduated and lots of stuff happened

I'm currently sitting in an airport, waiting to fly back to Pennsylvania. My almost two weeks in Wisconsin FLEW by and suddenly, it's 2017. To kick off another year of blogging and adventures, I figured it was good to reflect on 2016. What better way to do that than see my *curated* Instagram and what photos were my most popular. I present my 2016 Instagram best nine, with some descriptions below about why these photos are signifant to me.

My Instagram  #2016bestnine

My Instagram #2016bestnine

  1. A common theme in these best nine are my graduation and then the start of my new job. This first photo was taken in State College, next to the Nittany Lion statue. I happily announced my new position as reference and instruction librarian at Penn State. During my first five months there, I'm always surprised to learn about State College locals who still don't have a fancy photo with the lion like I do.
  2. Woot I am now Hailley Fargo, Masters of Library and Information Science. It was a beautiful weekend in May when I graduated. This photo features my mentor Martin, a new professor in my school, Rachel, and my dad. Martin and Rachel nominated me for an award related to community service given during my time in graduate school. It was an honor to receive the award and my smile showcases that.
  3. My new job is located in the Knowledge Commons. The KC as we call it is a large space full of computers, "living room" spaces, study rooms, and IT support. I spend a fair amount of time there, either at the desk or working with students. In my eighth week on the job, the library hosted its annual Open House where 3,000 students go through an orientation of the library. I stood for just about 16 hours (8 each day) in the KC telling students about all the resources here for them. Let me tell you, I was in my element (my admission tour guide was coming out strong).
  4. During the first months on the job, I spent a lot of time getting to know the students that work at our various desks. As we all got to know each other, some of the students informed me that I looked like Jess Day from New Girl. Although I'm not entirely sold on the resemblance, I did channel my inner Jess for Halloween.
  5. A new job calls for a new office and...a new nameplate. I feel so official!
  6. Going to a big school like Illinois means that graduation weekend is an EVENT. My dad and I took advantage of all the festivities, including going to the large, university wide graduation ceremony (held in the football stadium). This picture was taken after the ceremony as I attempted to pose like the Red Grange.
  7. My graduation also meant for the first time in 18 years, academics was not consuming my every waking moment. Sure I might have work "homework" but I'm no longer taking classes or writing term papers. This meant I found free time I didn't know what to do with (that NEVER happens). So I started hobby hunting and settled on calligraphy. This photo captures my first day trying it out. I'm getting better and hope to really invest some time in this in 2017.
  8. One of my closest college friends got married in June and not only was I able to go (and be the most prepared attendant) but I also got to bring my boyfriend, Cameron, to meet some of the Kohawks who know me best. It was a fun and fast weekend and he and I managed to get one photo together.
  9. In 2016 the fates aligned and my brother, sister, and I all had the same Spring Break. My dad took it as a sign and we bought tickets for California. We stayed with my dad's aunt and uncle and they showed us the best of the San Fransisco area. One of my favorite spots was the redwood forest and I look pretty content with these big old trees in this photo.

Now rest assured, many other things happened than what those nine photos show. However I do think these nine give a good snapshot on the big ticket items in 2016. What's missing in these photos are all late nights as I finished up my masters, the full days of working with the kids at UNCC, the long phone calls with friends once I moved to the Eastern time zone, flying planes to see family and friends, the nervous energy of starting a new job and entering Adulthood, and other small moments throughout the year. But isn't that the beauty of social media? We capture what we want others to see, the best parts of our lives, and keep all the small stuff to ourselves, those moments where cameras weren't present. I appreciate that balance. 

Lots will happen in 2017. Some things I know (trips and birthdays and planned adventures) and some things that will happen I'll have no way of knowing. Regardless, I've got big plans, goals, and dreams to keep working towards. I know that 2016 has been a growing year for me and I'm excited for more growth in 2017.

I'll end this post with my favorite quote I found in 2016 and the quote that I hope will continue to be my mantra in 2017. Happy New Year!