Hyperlink Roundup

A little video to start the links off...

  • I got hooked on Empire this fall as a study break on Wednesday nights (followed by the also drama filled Nashville on ABC). Vulture tweeted the trailer today and let me tell you, this season is going to be good. September 23 can't come fast enough! 
  • Mental health issues need to be more openly discussed on college campuses. I was pleased with this New York Times article on the topic. Of course, actions speak louder than words but this is a good step forward. 
  • I've recently been missing my physical paper copies of magazines. Growing up, I usually had some sort of subscription arriving monthly at my door. I've been looking around for something to subscribe to and discovered some feminist magazines I'm considering. So far, Bust is the top contender with their tagline of: For Women Who Have Something to Get Off Their Chests. I know I'll easily get lost in their articles, like this one about how much money women spend on makeup (and how society and makeup work with each other). We'll see if I can make up my mind soon.
  • Lizzie McGuire episodes are free to watch on the Disney Channel. This might be dangerous, since I'm itching for some good nostalgia recently. 
  • Mindy Kahling continues to be inspirational and I cannot wait to read her new book. 
  • Fall TV is returning and I cannot wait for these study breaks.
  • Very proud of one of my best friends for being the Marketing Director at the Strand Bookstore. Here are some of her top summer picks.