Hyperlink Roundup -- July 11th

  • I'm back to working in a library, aka surrounded by all wonderful books I should check out and read. And most of the time, I do. This one was recommended by my boss and features Brooke Gladstone (from On the Media) in animated form. WW Norton, her publisher, created this animated book trailer. 
  • Recently, I've been finding new music in two ways -- through iTunes Radio and "Indie" classified Spotify playlists. One of the bands I've discovered is from Wisconsin, Phox. They are great and I heard their acoustic version of "Slow Motion" through a local Madison radio station when the band came to play. I love this article I found about them and it includes the full version of "Slow Motion," which includes a SWEET clarinet solo. 
  • I've been having SO MANY PROBLEMS recently with having so many files all over the place. I get frustrated with this idea that I have to house all my files on the cloud. It feels like I'm already late to the party because different people I'm working with have different preferences. How can I possibly keep everything straight if one person swears by Google Drive while another only uses Box (since we have an account through the university), and someone else decides DropBox is the way of the world? I can't, that's the answer. However, I might of found a solution. I heard from someone (I can't remember who) about odrive, a magical system that allows you to sync on your local computer various cloud based accounts. I just downloaded it today, so we will have to see what happens. I do know, from the twenty odd minutes it has been installed, that I really do like the features with Facebook and Instagram. Essentially all these photos I have lurking on the inter-webs are now easily accessible via odrive. This is especially great since the "hard" copies (aka the ones that site on my local computer) aren't all on the same local computer, since I've upgraded desktops/laptops over the past 10 some years.
  • Harper Lee's "new" book comes out on Tuesday and you can count on New York Times to have an opinion about it
  • Recently had a good conversation with a friend of mine about the uneasiness we feel when we, as women, walk around late at night. And, how men don't understand that fear or the way the fear sticks with us constantly. Through the magical hyperlink newsletter Ann Friedman she showed me to this great article that goes against that fear
  • Some of you may know I have a nuanced appreciated for Ronald Reagan. Now I'm not saying his politics were awesome, but there's something so fascinating about him in terms of his life and his nickname as the Teflon president. Anywho, a friend showed me this video by Lemon Demon aptly titled Reaganomics. Of course, there are lots of shots of Reagan, so IDEAL. [insert chuckle here]
  • Saw Jurassic World recentlyish and then watched Jurassic Park. Of course found some neat cultural criticism on feminism in both movies

That's all for now. Of course I have at least fifty tabs open with articles, so more to come next time! And hopefully the next time will be in a week (cross those fingers).