Teaching and Instruction

Digital literacy and community engagement are two areas of focus that help inform my teaching and instruction methods. I have taught a wide variety of learners and see instruction as a critical part of my librarian identity. This page allows you to explore my previous and current teaching experiences, along with learning more about my teaching philosophy. 


Current Instruction

At Penn State, I work within our teaching and learning department in the library and part of my job responsibilities include instruction. I teach mainly first-year students about foundational library resources and the research process. I try to be intentional about the technology I introduce in class. My teaching is influenced by Char Booth, John Dewey, feminist pedagogy, and critical library instruction.

Graduate School Instruction

During graduate school, my primary learners were elementary students learning about digital literacy. In that time, I helped design two different summer literacy programs serving two unique populations of learners. I also worked with undergraduates and taught some instruction sessions in university residence halls.


Teaching Philosophy


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