Digital Survival Guide

The Digital Survival Guide was created to compliment the Penn State Reads 2016 selection, The Circle, by Dave Eggers. This guide is designed to help incoming freshman think about their digital footprint and how they can tighten their security on the internet. Hailley worked on this project with two Penn State Reads interns, who had collected the information in the guide. Together, they used Canva to create the final product.

Hailley's notes: Personally, this is one of my favorite projects I've worked on. It was "assigned" to me on my first day at Penn State, when one of my bosses asked if I wanted to help create this guide. I've always gravitated towards common reading programs (heck, some people in undergrad knew me at first by "she's that girl that picks book for the Common Reading Program") and I also love getting thrown into projects on my first day (that's how I got involved with the Veterans Oral History Project at NYPL). This project was a fantastic way for me to be introduced to Penn State and make some valuable outside the library connections in my first six weeks. 

Post-Election LibGuide

Post-Election 2016 LibGuide

In the wake of the 2016 election, Penn State's President Eric Barron sent an email to the PSU community. It called for creating spaces that encouraged dialogue. With that email in mind and a little encouragement from one of my bosses, I spent the two weeks after the election collecting reactions to create this LibGuide. It's a mix of both national reactions, context for the election (including the media's influence and how voting works in America) along with some Penn State specific resources.

Hailley's notes: This LibGuide took time but was interesting to make. As I currently go through to create a comprehensive bibliography, I can see how I really capture articles and media from the weeks following the election. This guide has been well received, gaining Penn State attention and some ALA attention.


Bi-weekly staff newsletters

Based on feedback from staff, Hailley created two bi-weekly newsletters that are intended to build community among co-workers, increase communication, and more broadly share information on policies, reference skills, announcements, and upcoming events. Pattee & Me goes to Service Desk wage employees and Common Services full-time staff while Library Welcome goes to all employees who sit at a Welcome Desk. The newsletters reach around 100 library employees.

Hailley's notes: Newsletters are a blast to write (you can hear my voice if you know me well enough). I feel the newsletter is a nice combo between up-to-date info along with facts about co-workers to help build a community. This platform also allows me to use my powers of GIFs to convey messages.