Movie/Video Production Work

Over the years, I have done lots of work in movie/video production and editing. I am most comfortable using Apple's iMovie on a desktop or iPad and can navigate through other video editing software. For movie/video production as it pertains to teaching and instruction, I look for ways to embed digital literacy skills and critical thinking into these workshops. For more of my teaching and instruction experience, please see the Instruction page. Below are a few examples of my work in this field.

Instructions created for Camp Clover instructors on how to use iMovie on iPads.

Led children in creating videos about local community members during Camp Clover (summer 2015). This video is their final product after the week-long camp; more videos came be found on their YouTube channel.

Created this video in the summer of 2014 for the Coe College Admission Department to advertise Iowa Private College Week. Used stop motion for majority of video and edited footage using iMovie.