ACRLog blogger — September 2018 — Present

ACRLog is a blog by and for academic & research librarians. As a blogger for ACRLog, I post on a monthly basis around something that I’m either working on, thinking through, or want to explore with my colleagues and peers.

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LibParlor, co-founder and editor -- March 2017 -- Present

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LibParlor is a blog for conversing, sharing expertise, and asking questions about the process of developing, pursuing, and publishing library research. This blog was born during ACRL 2017 and I am a co-founder and part of the Editorial Team. In this role, I help manage our blog/website, collaborate with colleagues on maintaining the blog, help build a following, and work on scholarship around early-career librarians attempting to become a part of the scholarly conversation in LIS.

Hack Library School is a blog dedicated to current library and information science students. The basis of the blog is to have critical conversations about the LIS field and share tips for other students going through grad school. The bloggers here come from across the world, in a wide variety of programs. It is a great community to be a part of and I have enjoyed having online conversations about my education. 


Some posts include: Digital Literacy, Small Children, & Lots of Hugs [Farewell Post] [6/27/16]; My Theory Behind Librarianship [5/10/16]; Trickling Down from the Top: How Big Decisions Impact Us [12/7/15]

Blog on a monthly basis for Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA). Each month I pick out a topic of interest or do a review on a recently published report that related to teen librarianship. You can check out all my articles on the author archive section or look through the blog post titles below.

Some posts include: YALS - Libraries and Learning: A Resource Guide for "Make, Do, Share" [4/29/16]; "What's Reference?" And Other Library Related Questions [12/26/15];  30 Days of Teen Programming: Would This Work? A Graduate Student Contemplates Twitter [4/23/15]; Teens as Information-Mediaries [12/5/14]

Blogged during my undergraduate years at Coe College, in Cedar Rapids, IA. This blog was sponsored by the Admission Department and I was able to keep my "Hailley flair." During those four years, I amassed almost 600 posts. I blogged at least on a weekly basis helping to create a "real Kohawk experience."

During my internship at the New York Public Library, I had the opportunity to blog about the various projects I was working on. I wrote about our Veterans Oral History projectMusic & Memoryanswering reference questions from prisoners, and creating a book discussion group for inmates.  

During the month of May 2014, just after I had finished my undergraduate experience, I had the chance to go on a west coast road trip to see baseball. A lot of baseball. While not all these blog posts are mine, I was the de-facto blog manager. There are some great essays and I think this blog captures how much fun we had on this adventure.